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From: Aaron Halliday – FX Alpha Trend

Re: How to bust through common barriers and make money trading Forex

Dear Fellow Trader,

What I’m about to tell you in the next 3 minutes will leave you so stunned, you'll be left gasping for air…


Because I’m going to show you the EXACT STEPS on how to make $1,145 $2,602… or even $3,579 PER DAY from trading.

You know the guy who said that money can’t buy happiness?

Well, I’d be willing to bet that he never had to face the mind-numbing routine of a low paying, dead-end job. Or the unending stress of struggling to stay on top of endless piles of bills.

And he certainly never had to sit at home — flat broke and staring at the four walls — while everyone around him took expensive beach vacations, ate in fine restaurants, and tooled around in luxury cars.

If he had, he’d have understood that money and happiness actually go hand in hand!



In fact, that’s exactly why you’re on this page right now…

You’re sick to death of the endless money struggles, and you’re looking for a way to achieve a bottomless bank account, so you can buy yourself a life filled with freedom, fun, and adventure…

Well, my friend, you are in for a real treat because I’m about to reveal a simple system that I have used to make solid incomes of 6 figures and more annually, and I’ll explain how you can do it too.

And, just to be clear…

You DON’T need to know clearly about trading Forex! 

You DON’T need to spend the entire day watching your computer screen!

You DON’T need to learn tons of complex charting!

If a single mom with three children can make $1,225,144 from home…

If a fired banker can generate $1,070,525 a year…

YOU can do it too!

Think about it…



Hi, I’m Aaron Halliday.

Coming from a childhood where our family was not financially secure, which later ended up to be the breakup of our family, I know what it feels like to be in that financial hell hole.

Therefore, I'm trying to do what I can to educate those around me to take their financial situations into their own hands and help themselves with simple strategies that nobody has really taught us.

In the next couple of minutes I’m going to show you a simple trading technique that you can apply instantly to your trading that will help you make money.

We all know the old expression…



I’m telling you, that is not a far off statement.

One of the main reasons the rich get richer is because they teach their kids and grandkids about how money works and how to make money work for them.

This is because the big investment firms have taught them that.

Having said that, the poor just keep getting poorer because they don't have this kind of education.

Chances are if a person has grown up in a home where being 'poor' and always in debt is normal, then that person will inevitably grow up to live that same sort of lifestyle.

This is due to the lack of education given to us by the 'traditional industry'.

Having worked in a bank for almost a decade, I pretty much know all the ins and outs and what the intentions really are. We are trained to sell products and services and aren't really encouraged to educate clients.

Why? Because the banks know that if the clients are educated, they'll take their money out and do something smart with it.

Now let that sink in for a moment…



Many years ago, when I was working in a bank, misconduct and unethical behavior was being practiced almost daily by the branch operation supervisor.

One day, I was asked to cash checks drawn on the bank to a non-customer without a valid ID.

I told her it was against federal regulations, but when I asked the branch manager what to do, he told me to do what I thought was right. And I did.

After that I was fired.

That was it. That was the day that changed EVERYTHING.

One of the bank’s customers – his name is John Mayer – who I know very well, overheard the bad news that struck me. He then offered me an opportunity to learn something new…

It’s called… FOREX.

John built his fortune with forex and it seemed he no longer cared about money. When I told him about my situation, he said…

"I know now you need a job and I can help. I can offer something better than a job. Come by my home tomorrow morning, 8AM sharp. I'm gonna show you how to make money." 

The next day, John told me everything he knew about forex. He started showing me real live trades that he had been making everyday…



By 8.30, at the start of the US session, I watched him as he traded the GBP/USD currency pair explaining everything as he went along.

I sat there and watched $3,200 being made in 25 minutes.

$850 being made in 15 minutes.

And $1,200 being made in one hour.

Altogether, $6,250 was made by 11.30AM.

All these sums were possible because of the HUGE buying power and leverage he had because of his account balance.

I was in awe.



And it required none of the crowded chart signals and indicators the courses preached.

No long hours staring at the monitor.

No guessing.

No judgment.

It was a SIMPLE black and white process.

He could tell I was blown away.

Next he said, "I'm done for the day. Another lazy day. Let's go have lunch."

We had lunch at Red Lobster, dropped me off to get my car, then set off for his daughter's softball game after announcing, "Same time tomorrow."

For the next four days, it was the same.

He consistently clocked five figures before midday with the balance of the day to do anything he wanted.

Then came the bombshell...



I didn't know whether I should've felt happy or terrified.

Terrified was more like it.

But I never back down from a challenge.

So, I said ok.

And come the next Monday morning...



Monday, I made $437.

Tuesday, $782.

Wednesday, $1,090.

And Thursday, $2,174.

Friday's the day off. Every weekend is a long weekend.

Yes! By Thursday, I was in possession of knowledge that would give me all the FREEDOM and MONEY I craved.

I asked Manuel if I could share it with other people.

He said yes.

So here you are with a grand opportunity before you.

This is what I'm about to reveal to you.

Let me introduce you to…



If you have never traded before or you have been trading and not making the profits you want, then you can take advantage of FX Alpha Trend  from day one…

I'm going to show you how to quickly and easily double, and maybe even QUADRUPLE your money trading Forex with a few simple techniques that almost no one use.

Module 1 – In this module you get a complete overview of this trading system. Plus, you’ll learn how I used one of the system’s strategies to make over 4500 PIPS in just four months.

Module 2 – You’ll learn an entirely different strategy than you learned in Module 1 that you can use to make over 550 PIPs per trade while trading just 15 minutes a day.

Module 3 – The secret revealed in this module is so powerful that I can’t dare reveal it here but I will say more than anything else this secret will take your Forex earnings to the next level and beyond.

PLUS, with each module you get:

Templates, indicators, full-color manuals, step by step instructions and much more...

Automatic installer program that quickly installs all the necessary files on your computer so you can get started right away


Imagine getting up when you want... no more alarm clocks to obey... no more rushing to the bus or train station, bustling with everyone else to get on... no more panicking on the freeway when the slow-moving traffic grinds to a halt and you begin to think, “Oh damn, another late morning on my file.”

All that can become history, the past.



Your life can become a brand new adventure where everyday you can challenge yourself to see if you can make more than the day before... the beginning of every year it becomes trickier to decide where you and your family will go for the next vacation...

...every Fall when auto companies start running car commercials on TV, you contemplate if you should turn in your 2-year old car and get a newer model because—hell!—you can afford it!

But maybe you’re not that materialistic. Maybe you just want to be comfortable and have a little money in your pocket to take care of unexpected expenses when the need arises. Nothing’s wrong with that. That’s easily within your reach.

Yes, this life can be yours.

I help people change their lives by building wealth through trading Forex. It's my mission in life after I got fired from the bank.

Let's take a look at John Chesire here...

John, an ex-gas station cashier, made $11,024.45 in one month after learning how to trade my simple trading system. That's translates to $11,024.45 in just one month!

“I was always trying to find a strategy that would consistently make winning trades, but that never happened. Also I was not using proper money management, I would get wins but they were not big enough to cover my losses. The bottom line was that I was not making any money and I had to try something different before my life got any worse.

That’s when I decided to take the FX Alpha Trend.

The strategy was very simple to understand and follow. No complicated formulae’s or indicators that had to line up. The system provides a way to look at the market that is clear, and enables a method of making trading decisions that is much clearer. I feel much more confident in my trading.

I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to trade forex and keep it simple. It has done a great deal in helping me understand and trade the forex market like the pros.

P.S. As you can see from my results (screenshots attached), I just quit my job as a gas station cashier. Thank you, Aaron Halliday! You can use this testimonial in any way you like.”

John Chesire - Ex-Gas Station Cashier


This is just the start for John, and if he continues at this rate, he will turn his original $1,000 into $1,403,189 in less than a year.

His results are spectacular compared to anything else out there, but he does it in such a way that there is absolutely no risk whatsoever.

All my students have a powerful blueprint that could grow even the smallest amount into a wealthy retirement.

I could show you hundreds of examples of just how well they are doing, and some of them would just blow you away.

Heck, some of them are turning $250 into $100,000 in less than a year!



Possibly an afterthought.

Because when you have the power to get it at will, you worry about nothing else.

This not a system for anyone who wants to be a slave.

Whether it be to a 9--5 job.

A business.

Or the forex markets.

You mustn't be a slave to anything.

No matter how much money it can make you.

What is most important to you is your freedom.

And having a large pool of disposable cash gives you lots of options.

You will have no boss breathing down your neck... No employees... No products to ship... No talking to anyone.... No technical skills...No office... No long hours.

You are at the brink of a great opportunity right now to enter into a long-term PROFIT marathon.

More money will be coming down the pike.


You have the chance right now that many people don't have.



Before you answer, ask yourself this:

How much would you pay to discover a proven-to-work trading system… that you can start with as little as $200, and no risk whatsoever… and turn that into $5,000, $10,000, or even $20,000 or more in your first 12 months?

How much would you pay to get a simple “Action Plan” that could make you a six-figure earner in 18--24 months?

How much would you pay to get skills to erase your debts forever… get rid of your money worries… and truly be able to enjoy “financial security” for the rest of your life?




Like I said before, I REFUSE to charge this amount of money – even though I know that FX Alpha Trend  is easily worth many, many times the amounts being charged by “gurus” who sell their crap for $797.

So don’t worry. You won’t have to pay $797!

You won’t pay $297… or even $197.

While copies are still available, you can get your FX Alpha Trend ...

... FOR ONLY $39!

I say "While copies are available" because if it seems customer support will become overwhelming, I will simply pull this web page down or simply put a...


Even with that, there's still NO guarantee it will ever re-open.
So, it's best to seize the opportunity right now.
Especially since your decision will be backed by this...

We are so sure that you will love FX Alpha Trend  that we are offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

If you trade with my system and don't feel satisfied, just please send us a screenshot of your trading results and we'll refund your money immediately in full!

How's that for a guarantee?

There's nothing to think about...

Click here to get started now!



I hope you are a serious trader who wants to make real profits from trading... not a freebie seeker who just wants to get my system for free and refund (and if you are, please leave this page now - we don't want to waste our resources and other people's spots)...

... so with my guarantee you have NOTHING to lose...

I’ve already made my fortune.

Have you?



Can you take care of sudden, unexpected expenses without flinching?

Can you go on vacation and NOT worry about spending too much money?

Can you get up whenever you feel like it and not have to worry about pressing the "Snooze" button on your clock or cell phone?

Wouldn't you like to be able to stop comparing prices for once and... JUST BUY THE DAMN THING?

What kind of car would you REALLY like to drive?

How about the kids (if you have any)? When was the last time you took them to Disney World?


These are all the choices you can have....the choices which will allow you to change those aspects of your life that are holding you back.

So, order right now and decide later. You will get everything you need to know to start trading like a professional — no matter what your experience is.

Be your own boss and live the lifestyle you want to live, not just the lifestyle you can afford.

Just think about it…

Your investment in yourself today is much, much less than you would spend on a round of drinks when you celebrate buying a brand new car!

YES, Aaron! I'm intrigued at how you can make so much money from your trading system that gives you the FREEDOM you've always wanted.

I want to use the same system you're using to get BIG money from the forex market!

Special Introduction Price at Only $39!

Order online safely and securely.
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used.

--- Worldwide orders accepted 24/7 ---

Your products will be delivered in downloadable format for instant access immediately after your payment is approved.

I understand that I have 60 days to try this risk-free!

So, with that assurance, I won't hesitate to get my copy of FX Alpha Trend  at the low, low investment of $39 right now! …



To your success,

Aaron Halliday

P.S. Whatever you decide, understand that this is a proven system that can generate you money 24/7 — no matter what your experience level is.

P.P.S. I have to warn you that my special introductory price won’t last forever. Get FX Alpha Trend  for just $39 before it is too late!

P.P.P.S. Remember that I offer a no-questions-asked, no-receipt-asked 100% full 60-day money back guarantee. In other words, if you can’t make money with my system, just let me know and I will give you a full refund. Period.



Is this system a “robot”?

No, this is a manual trading system in which you have final say on all trades. The system will provide you with buy and sell signals that you can choose to act on or not.

Can beginners use this system?

Absolutely! This system is incredibly easy to install and use and it gives you clear visual signals of what to do so not only can beginners make money with this system but it’s so easy to use that even a fourth or fifth-grader could use it.

Can you get started with a free demo account?

Yes, you most definitely can. In fact, this can be a great way to get familiar with the system while not risking any money.


Do you need a set amount of money to get started?

 No, you don’t need a particular amount. That’s the beauty of trading Forex. You can get started with as little as $100 – and remember you can use a demo account at first while you are learning the system and familiarizing yourself with the market.


How will I know when to get out of a trade?

 This system makes this a really easy decision by taking emotion out of the equation – it gives you clear visual signals of not just went to enter a trade but when to exit for maximum profits. Just follow the signals to watch your account balance grow and grow and grow.


Can one losing trade wipe out all my gains?

 No, this system uses safe money management principles to grow your account over time without risking major losses. In other words, with this system you enjoy maximum profit with minimum risk.


Will I need to buy any other software or charts to use this system?

 No, this system includes everything you need. Just install it and you’ll be on the fast track to major profits.


Does this system work best during a particular time of the day or a particular type of market?

 No specific time or market is better than another. This system can be used anytime, 24/7 and it thrives in any market conditions.


How long should I use the system each day?

 One of the best things about this system is its flexibility. You can use it as much or as little as you want. However, if you are a beginner I would recommend that you use it for at least a couple of hours a day just so you can get familiar with trading Forex. But again if you don’t have a lot of time, you can use the system for however long you do have. It is very time flexible.

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